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Re: spine?

Dave writes:

>Can anybody give me any info on Spine? I haven't heard them yet, but
>people have been telling me I have to hear them. What style do they
>play? Do they have any tapes out? 
hi, dave, i guess you could say i have a vested interest in spine
since i am hard at work putting out their single.  lemme just say,
though, that this is strictly an indie rock venture and i don't
stand to make any money off this and i'm doing it 'cause i like the
band.  that probably goes without saying, but you never know what's
going to get people going on this net.

anyways, they have a tape out, but it was a very limited run.  
it's called _hot, handsome, and a honey to handle_ and it's
very hard to find.  my advice is to sit tight and wait for
the premiere release on our new label:  zedd recordz.
we're putting out a (cross your fingers) white vinyl 3-song
33-1/3 7" featuring "black greasy flyby", "going going gone",
and "autumn", none of which are on the 8-song casette.

as for their sound, they are a bass-heavy power trio who
love jesus lizard, shellac, soundgarden, cop shoot cop, and 
nirvana.  they range from punk to metal and everywhere 
in between and their drummer trevor is just incredible.
they are way tight.  

we're sending off the single to get mastered this week,
so we still have hopes of putting it out in march.


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