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Re: the fab four on rita ;)


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Hey Tara,

    It's the Rita girl once again....

On Fri, 10 Feb 1995, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> AUGH!!!!!
> It was sooooooooo good and wicked! I am posting this `review' because, 
> dammit, it's the closest thing I can get to seeing them live, seeing as 
> how sloan won't be coming out west...
> btw, I didn't know they were washing dishes four years ago...pink is the 
> colour ;)
> So my friend Lisa and I were watching the whole show about two inches 
> away from the screen and you know how you always hear those stories about 
> teenage girls in the `60's watching the `really good shoe' with the 
> Beatles? And they sat in their living rooms and screamed?....Yep...
> First thing....those wack outfits...They roooled! I'm just curious, did 
> one of their parents make them for them, 'cause I heard they owe lotsa 
> money to dgc. I have never seen Chris without super baggy pants, so this 
> performance was indeed a treat. Andrew, wow, stellar hat! Patrick had the 
> coolest outfit of them all and Jay's jacket was spiffy. Also, I think 
> Chris might have washed his hair for this performance...:)

Actually Tara,
     I think they were just really bored and stumbled across the costumes 
on one of the sets...or so the CBC rumours have it.  A friend of 
mine interviewed Chris the day after the Rita taping and he said that it 
was really boring--uhhhrmmmm! Uh, no comment.
> This performance was just *slightly* more polished than their last Friday 
> night CBC variety show performance...Remember when Patrick forgot the 
> words to Underwhelmed? Hee hee...Plus Chris didn't give his bass away to 
> a stunned CBC audience member, as per the usual.

I was kind of hoping for his bass, oh well...I got to pet Rita's dog, 

> Great choice of songs, Penpals is such a happy, sweet song. Patrick and 
> Chris sang so *pretty*....*sigh*....
> The little synchro dance moves, just before `here's my photo...' were 
> sooooo hilarious, we were totally howling :) And the rockin' poses at the 
> end, hooo hoo, those were just too much. Patrick trying to `calm' down 
> Rita's crazed audience at the end there.....

The reason why Patrick was doing the calm down thang was because the 
entire audience fled right after Sloan....it seems as though the Rita 
crowd just couldn't handle Sloan--it was the funniest thing...A herd 
of elderly women ran for the elevators!!! "That grunge band was just too 
loud.."--I couldn't help laughing, you see I had to escort all of them 
out of the studio and missed part of Sloan's performance...grrrrrr!

> It's like they watched Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and a bunch 
> of KISS videos right before...
> Did y'all notice that the audience coordinator for Rita is Steve *Sloan*? 
> See, it's all who you know these days. :)
Hey, Stevie is my boss...sorry,there is no relation--funny though!

> I just want to say to all you kids in Ontario and Quebec who get to see 
> them on this little tour (and from what the papers are saying, it looks 
> like I will never ever get to see them again :( ) - have a wicked time, 
> you are all so lucky! Please feel free to email me with your reviews, 
> even if it's just one sentence. Let me live vicariously through you!
> gotta go rewind the tape....
> Tara, ecstatic from the performance/depressed about sloan's impending demise
> ps/ Hey did y'all see that Ear to the *ass* commercial afterwards, with 
> MOIST? hee hee..... :)

I promise not to mention any of my Rita & Friends encounters 
again...well, at least until next season!