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Re: ECMA's and Rebecca West

> >> by David Rodenhiser
      ^^   Did everyone notice this???
That is not me!! I am ADAM. So please people stop replying to me and 
complaining that that I hate all fiddle music. I don't! I was glad to see 
Mr. McIssac win. I was even happy to see Chris Mitchell win for Jazz 
artist.  But I was surpised that N Mc Master was only nominated for one.
I also only posted part of the review of the weekend. He gave good reveiws
to many of the bands, including those with fiddles:)

> > apparantly mr. rodenhiser was soooo inebriated by the time ms. outhit and
> > co. took the stage that he was barely able to stand.  perhaps he had been
> > hit by the lead balloon.
> >
Mike, please explain where and how you can make such ridiculous comments. 
You don't know David, were you there? What makes you think he was drunk. 
I know you have a good imagination, please put to a good use instead 
insulting people for no reason.

> > the bassist was mr. Lukas Pearse.  maybe ol' davey boy was too drunk to
> > read his press pack.

Again??? Mike wher's your proof/ reason for saying this.
and so what, he made a mistake with band members..... BUT
what if the members changed instrument, like so many do these days?

> > mike "buckeye news hawk" catano
Great Les, please go play behind your imaginary walls or shine you 
silver sow.
 > >
> >

> Mr.Rodenheiser, maybe you should've gone to the cool shows where less hot
> air was being blown, at the Lyceum, I know you heard about them, Rebecca
> West was talked about all night, just like all non-Sydney bands (although
> they were talked about to great length too)... sorry you missed the cool
> side of us up here...Ian

Actually he did see the cool side of you up there. He was there since 
Thursday catching all the shows he could to make a good full weekend 
review, which David did. There's is a FULL page article from which I 
posted a whole 5 paragraphs of(roughly 1/7 of the total).

Thanks to everyone for the rude and negative comments about "me",
"my" tastes, and "my" inadquency to be a journalist. 
Happy Valentines Day you to.

                                   ADAM Rodenhiser,
                                      brother of 
                                         DAVID Rodenhiser,
                                            the reporter

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