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waterloo sloan review

last night the city of waterloo was treated to the return of the mighty 
sloan.  fear was felt by many as rumors abounded but it was packed and 
everyone was there to rawk!  Sloan made a concious attempt to play alot 
of the songs that they did on their previous swing through town in 
October. cool. The show began with Marcus Said, Patricks guitar was 
crunchy as hell adding a cool effect not previously heard in that song.  They seemed 
   to be having alot of fun playing for everyone as they seem to always do.  
Murphy was his usual self attempting to incorporate multiple roq poses 
into each song which is always good for a laugh.  The setlist 
incorporated things from smeared, peppermint, molluscs, twice removed, 
and their new single.  The highlight of the show which showed the average 
age level of everyone and the audiences great grounding in roK history 
(and as 
evidenced by this list naming it as an "Embassy Five" song) was Sloan's 
cover of an "MC5" song.  ONe person yelled for the MC5 (it wasn't me). 
The song rocked and then Andrew took the gutiar to finish the night off 
with people of the sky and a great medley of cock rock guitar in 
Sloan failed to disappoint again.  Will it be the last time?  Don't worry 
about it see them now and you can tell the grand kids.