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Additional Sloan concert review

Hey everyone...

Well, just to follow up on what Brad said, and to give my own opinion 
about the really big shoe.

As we walked in (late because of night class), a band was already 
playing, but it wasn't Hip Club Groove (who was to be opening for 
the boys).  The groupie-girls were clamouring around criss, but I got the 
chance to ask him who they were.  They were Local Rabbits, and he said 
that they were always on their ticket, but no-one in Waterloo was warned 
about them.  criss was also getting kinda frustrated signing stuff, and 
he went "AAAUUURRRGGHHHH!  I'd love to talk to you...  
really...  but I want to hear this band..." then he left.  a bit grumpy.

Local Rabbits was alright...  a normal rawk band.  Did an overdone cover 
of Cameo's Word Up.  When criss reviewed them during his act he 
sarcastically cut them down drastically and said "it's been done 
before"...  funny stuff.

Then HCG came on...  For a rap act, they're not bad live.  Gottee-guy and 
I just liked the cheap beer prices.  They were on for quite a while, but 
never got the crowd too involved...  

Patrick likes pinball a lot.

Then Sloan came on.  Musically, I'd say that this was the best Sloan 
concert that I'd ever been to (out of 3).  They experimented a lot, and 
took on some new twists in songs.  In terms of fun, however, this was 
definately not my favourite show.  I was completely surrounded by 
assholes.  Maybe it's the university setting, but the assholes were out 
in groves!  Including big guys who bellowed out every word as loud as 
they could, and completely ruined songs like Loosens.  Chris mouthed at 
the worst guy "shhh" a couple of times, but he was too nice to call the 
guy an asshole or anything.  

Let's see if I can remember the songs they played...  The following won't 
be in any particular order.

They opened with a really enjoyable version of Marcus Said.  It was 
faster, and had a real upbeat sound.  Perfect!  They also played:  
Loosens, Snowsuit Sound, Coax Me, Penpals, Generation, Underwhelmed 
(similar to the Peppermint version), Take It In, I Am The Cancer, a song 
from the album "Back in the USA" from mc5 (if memory serves), a new 
single which Jay said should have been released by now (legal problems, I 
assume) (Patrick plays a pretty mean bass!), Sugartune, Worried Now, and 
some others that I can't recall right now.  They ended off with People of 
the Sky, and Andrew showed off his classic-rawk guitar-playing 

Of course, I would have liked them to have played longer, and I think I 
want a private concert sometime.  People are starting to bug me...  (I 
must be getting old...)

Great show, boys!


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