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Pool Skills

>Well, Sloan graced us with their presence last night, and it was quite 
>the show. I chatted with Chris Murphy for quite a while. This may not be 
>a big deal for some of you, but I thought it was pretty cool. I asked him 
>to tell me something that I could put on the Sloan Net and he mentioned 
>something beating  Michael Catano at some college radio pool tournament. 
>However, he said that he lost every other game. I think he was implying 
>something about your pool skills, Mike...

Or the size/curvature/accuracy of Mike's stick :) :) :)

"If they'd had genitalia, they'd have frozen their nuts off"
-- The Lowest of the Low, heard today on CKDU

P.S. Hey Adam, how boozed up were you in CB on the weekend :)