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Re: Pool Skills

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
> Or the size/curvature/accuracy of Mike's stick :) :) :)
> "If they'd had genitalia, they'd have frozen their nuts off"
> -- The Lowest of the Low, heard today on CKDU
> P.S. Hey Adam, how boozed up were you in CB on the weekend :)

I was soooooo drunk I can't remember going there or coming back home.
Man, I must have been really toasted, I have a quite clear memory of watching
the whole show at home with Mom, Dad, and my Grandmother. 
Trippy, I must say.  

I cleared up the misunderstanding with everyone but the king.
The Ian guy wasn't trying to be a prick, he thought I posted the 
whole report and that I was dissin' all of CB. oh well...
I still don't see how Mike can dis people he does not know or that
he is not certain his facts are straight. I can't see Dave boozing
and bragging about being with the DN..... That's life!?! 

The king is always right, his word is more trustworthy than the 
Bible and Judge Wapner envies his honesty  :)

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