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FYI: From alt.music.canada

eye WEEKLY                                            February 16 1995
Toronto's arts newspaper                      .....free every Thursday
HI & OUTSIDE                                              HI & OUTSIDE

                         MURDER INCORPORATED

                            DAVE BOOKMAN

Sloan's February tour of Ontario might be remembered as our last chance
to see the most influential alternative band this country's produced.
Regardless of the fantastic four's own future, this winter jaunt is
adding another layer to the foundation of Murderecords, Sloan's
self-financed label, which has served as the inspirational blueprint
for indie Canrock.

Since releasing Sloan's debut EP Peppermint in July of 1992, Murder has
been part of the development of modern-day headliners Eric's Trip
(Peter) Hardship Post (Hack) and Thrush Hermit (Smart Bomb). It's now
concentrating on the second wave of the East Coast invasion, releasing
work from a diverse group of artists, including the acoustic angst of
Al Tuck, hip-hop from Hip Club Groove and Stinkin' Rich, and the future
of pop -- otherwise known as Superfriendz.

The magic of Murder lies not only in the music,but in the domino effect
it's had on Canadian musical entrepreneurship. Labels like Hamilton's
Sonic Unyon and Kingston's PF have on many occasion given a nod of the
toque to their East Coast brethren. And in today's world, indie labels
mean indie clubs, indie promoters, publicists and so on. Five years ago
a career in the music industry meant CORPORATE ROCK -- square pegs need
not apply. Today a mix of desire, talent and hard work are all that's
needed to turn dreams into a livelihood.

And that's why Sloan are the only choice in the Alternative category at
the upcoming Juno Awards. Should the prize be given to a manufactured
piece of major-label product, it would be an insult to young Canadians.
The Juno voters have an opportunity to use category to celebrate the
teen spirit of independent labels. Here's hoping!

As for Murderrecords, the label has just broadened its geographical
scope with the release of a 7-inch by Montreal's Local Rabbits. Also
coming to a store near you is a new Sloan single, a Steve
Albini-produced EP from Thrush Hermit, a full- length Superfriendz
album and a summertime surprise from jale.


Feb. 16 -- London (with Local Rabbits)
Feb. 17 -- Orangeville (with Local Rabbits)
Feb. 18 -- Montreal (with Local Rabbits)
Feb. 19 -- Ottawa (with Local Rabbits)
Feb. 21 -- Kingston
Feb. 22 -- Windsor
Feb. 23 -- St. Catharines
Feb. 24 -- Toronto (with jale)
Feb. 25 -- Barrie

Shawn Stackhouse                     
3A Actuarial Science                "Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes."
University of Waterloo              - Airplane II