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Re: Additional Sloan concert review

Stack <sstackho\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca> sed:

}Local Rabbits was alright...  a normal rawk band.

My impression too from the tail end of their HPE gig.

}Then HCG came on...  For a rap act, they're not bad live.  Gottee-guy and 
}I just liked the cheap beer prices.  They were on for quite a while, but 
}never got the crowd too involved...  

Shame, shame.  I wondered how they are accepted outside NS.  Maybe rap and 
grunge don't mix elsewhere, but they do in Haltown.

}Patrick likes pinball a lot.

I knew Patrick from my job at the Dal vid arcade long before Sloan got 
together.  What made you say that: was he playing pinball for hours before 
the gig?

}Maybe it's the university setting, but the assholes were out in groves!

Well, perhaps you couldn't see the forest for the trees :)