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murderecord rep

just to set the record straight.
i have receive my order that i made to murderecord a month ago.
their response was very fast considering what i heard about them right here
on the sloannet. And also i even got a nice note written by Jay F.

now something completly different.
hey Tara, (the one with full of wisdom) "les amis(es) du sloan" is
definetly  a cool _bad french_ title for your thinggy. the (c) goes to
thee Mike Catano. btw, i'm shure everyone knows that the right way
to say it would have been "les amis(es) _de_ sloan". Though, if you add Net
at the end of it, you can keep the _du_. That mean, it would be that
way: "les amis(es) du Sloan net" !! extraordinaire! n'est-ce pas?
but hey, you know that, as an artist, Mike has a poet liscence. So he can
du haz e wann, dat iz kal freedom in the ways of expressing yourself throu
yer art.
as an artist you are like an alchemist, turning lead into gold...hummm...
must have heard this before...

BTW, does anyone notice that criss seem nevous on Rita? at leas that's
what i thought judging by the way he sang, like with-the-end-of-his-breath
(yuk,that's too much of bad english for me in a letter). Can that be a
possiblety? Is Rita & friend a show that can be intimedating for
the performers? i don't know,this was the first time i was seeing this thing.
They shure we're looking ridicule in those outfits. But wasn't it the
purpuse of the says outfits; to bring something more into an only 3 min
performance? Anyway, maybe they were bored but that didn't effect me
b/c primo this was the first time i was seeing them live or on tv.
secondo the stuff they did at the end were superbia (or is it superbium,
latin class are far and away). The criss pose was a huge releif
after having to watch all that crap(rita show).I got to admit though,that i do
had a  couple of laugh watching that rita song about cemetery and open doors
ha! what a bunch of bullshit! Guess mediocrety do can reveal itself
in many kinds of shapes and forms.


quote of the weekend: "that will make them leave, that works every times."

                                                 - a friend dj in a bar
                                                   putting silver by moist
                                                   so that he can cut that
                                                   dull evening short.
                                                   epiloge: i left and he
                                                   ended up with the dancefloor
                                                   packed. (hee hee)