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Re: listen up

Jughead Jones <spelley\!/is.dal.ca> wrote:
}On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, James R. Covey wrote:
}> ok, i'm gonna pick on shant 'cause he's a friend
}> and will know that i'm not saying this to be mean...
}> 1)  please don't send posts to sloan net that
}> are simply someone else's long post repeated with
}> a little "vote of confidence" tag attached such
}> as "far out man" (ok, shant, you can stop quivering
}> in shame now).  send votes of confidence to people
}> personally, not on the net.
}james...check the address on that post you recieved, and you'll notice 
}that it only went to you, adam, katrina and adam...thanks for the 
}humiliation...my head's bowed in shame...but only until i walk through 
}the doors of the spectrum in montreal on saturday night:)
}(by the way, i only used what relates to me this time:)
}have a good one, shant:)

Actually one of those two "Adam"'s in the list should have been me.  I 
sent the original "Pool Skills" gag to just 4 folk (Adam, Kat, Shant and 
James) cuz I didn't feel like sharing that witticism with the world.

So James, look before you leap (not that your point wasn't valid or 
necessary to reiterate)