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Sloan Tribute in/TO

  Here's a story from a gig I was at last night.  Readers beware!
If you don't know who Dave Bookman is (he is the guy who wrote that 
article that someone posted to the snet about tourdates and stuff)
don't read on....  BTW he works for EYE Magazine.
 Last night was a video release for The Inbreds (PF Records) video 
compilation.  Celeb's (haha) spotted were Brandon from hHead and Dave 
Clark from the Rheostatics, Subpop Joyce (but I couldn't find her) 
and more but I can't remember.  
 The Inbreds stopped playing and called last call etc.  This guy 
walks up to the stage wearing a Sloan tooque (hat) and starts talking 
to Dave the Inbred drummer.  Dave announces that they'll do another 
song if Dave Bookman sings/reads his poem.  (I don't understand 
why they called it a poem but whatever)  Dave Bookman gets 
on stage and tells the drummer to play a high C on the drums.  And 
Bookman breaks into "Deeper Than Beauty" by none other than mes amis 
du sloan.  It was kinda funny cuz he couldn't sing the high parts 
and there was no guitar riff.  I figured this all came from his 
little article he wrote days before.

 Dave said "it sounds much better in the shower" and left.

that's all