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SLoan Ottawa Review

Hey all!  Just came back from the Sloan Carleton U. show here in
Ottawa...it rawked!  The boys were really silly.  Chris came in and
goofed off with both Local Rabbits and Hip Club Groove...what a riot!  :)
Both opening bands were really good, and fun was had by all.  I kept
stepping on the multitudes of little people, but there were no hard
feelings.  The boys didn't do 500 Up, my fave Sloan song, but they did
pretty much everything else.  They did a lot of stuff off of
_Peppermint_, which pleasantly surprised me.  They did Deeper Than
Beauty and People Of The Sky for the encore, which was nuts because
the boys from Local Rabbits came and sang along.  Silly fun.  The
crowd was really rowdy at first, but they really calmed down, and it
made the show really pleasant.  I'm totally glad I sacrificed three
days of Reading Week to see them...it was so worthwhile!  Now it's on
to Toronto to see them on Friday...I can't wait!   Sorry I haven't
written more, but I'm *really* tired, and I need to get up early
tomorrow for the long trek back to T.O.  I'm sure there'll be tons of
other Ottawa reviews which are much better than mine.  Buh-bye.


Nina Riihiaho                      * "Everybody knows that she's goin' nowhere
Carleton University -- Ottawa      *  Everybody always tells her 
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