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Patrick Pentland on TV

For all those loyal Sloanaphones in Ottawaland, last night, I bet you all 
missed Patrick Pentland on CJOH Nightly News at 11:30.  They asked him 
why he went into "rock and roll".  Stupid question, stupid answer.  "To 
be a rawk star."  He looked kind of rough, like as if they'd pulled him 
away from a pinball machine to interview him  ;)
The rest of the story was basic fare:  band from halifax, rumours of 
impending breakup, murderecords, blah blah blah.  I was very surprised, 
however, that it was one of the lead stories!

It is with great anticipation that I inform y'all to GET THAT NEXT ISSUE 
OF FFICTION!! (courtesy of Tara da Costa).  It's gonna have probably 
several interviews with the band and maybe HCG, new pictures (courtesy of 
Kingston sloannetter Karen W.'s magic camera) and hopefully, an interview 
with jale at their Kingston tour stop.  You want wanna miss it.  And now 
that I've publicized it, I guess I damn well better do it.
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