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Re: "Len' Me Yuh Earsz..."

Sorry for having taken a vacation on you like that.

}1) Tell me who you are and what you do. Mention any music or fan 
} involvement. This is your chance to make yourself look good.

I'm a Ph.D. Student in Physical Chemistry at Dal.  I'm in my 9th year 
here, a veritable cornerstone of the Dal community.  I worked for 6 years 
at the SUB games room where I broke many bills into quarters for Pinball 
Wizard Patrick Pentland, among other local music heroes.  My older brother 
was on a comedy show on CKDU in the late 80's which also featured Pat and 
Chris Murphy on the earlier episodes.  I have a neat outtake on tape where 
Chris is halfway through a line and says "Oh man, I think I'm gonna barf".
I have no personal musical talents, apart from an embarrasing 
little country ditty I wrote when I was about 8.

}2) How has SloanNet been of benefit to you?

It has chowed up immense quantities of my valuable research time but has 
made me a few friends and kept me informed of upcoming shows and exciting 
new music, local and otherwise.

} 3) Is SN what you expected it to be?

Unfortunately, yes :)  It has grown both in membership and noise as I 

}4) If Sloan were to break up, what do you see the future of SN to be?

We might have to reconsider the name but I think even if we called it 
CodRock or HalTown or ETNet or LoveTara it would continue.  Nor do I think 
that all of the Sloan members would fade from the scene or that the scene 
itself would diminish.  Sloan has risen above the Halifax scene: they 
don't play here much anymore or attract as much attention as they had.  So 
I think we'd struggle on, we'd just talk more about Plumtree or something 

}5) Is there anything you'd like to say for the record?

Which record?  Is this on tape? :)

} Thanks for your time. If you could reply to me sometime today or
} tomorrow (well, before 8 pm) I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry again.  Gaz layout's all done, huh?

} -Leslie
} \!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/
} "Your word doesn't matter. 
} It's who you give it to."
}                        - Ernest Borganiane, "The Wild Bunch"
} \!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/\!/

Borgnine, I assume?