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Danger Falling Rock - Rawk from the Rock

Picked up this newfie compilation today at Sam's Barrington, and damn, was
I impressed.  They told me it was only released five days ago; and anyone
interested in the future mecca of east coast music, get out and pick this
up.  It's not the best album I've ever heard or anything, but this Halifax
boom is gonna bust someday, and when it does, record execs should head to
St. John's.  There's tons of talent there, though it is sometimes a little
undeveloped, and it's obvious even on the first listen.  While I expected the
potatobug, potmaster, (what's with all the pot stuff anyway...?), bung,
and liz band submissions to rawk, there's some great stuff by groups like
giver, Darshiva, and adlib.  So get it.  And for all you Valentine's Day
haters out there, also pick up Cupid's Revenge - The World's Greatest
Romantic Punk Songs.  I mean, with songs like "If You Love Someone, Set
Them On Fire", and "Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks"...nuff said.