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Sloan-Kingston-last night

Last night Sloan graced us with their presence here in K-town. Jeff 
C. and I arrived early at 7:30pm, to find the bands just hanging 
around. However, they weren't all happy to be there (C.M.:  "Man, I _hate_ 
Kingston!") Apparently they were mad because of several things... including 
the venue, (the neon/mirrored walls  Stages Nightclub - "Tomorrow night, 
join us for the Bikini Contest!"), and also the fact that underage 
tickets were overpriced.  So Jeff and I kept our distance, our mouths 
shut, and the camera off. However, Cory of HCG promised to give us an  
*exclusive!* interview later on!  The bands then took off to go eat pizza 
in  their motel. Finally, after a two hour wait, they returned and HCG 
went on stage. Standing still and not smiling, the two rappers? vocalists? 
hip hoppers? surveyed the crowd. Things got more exciting from there, 
though, when the DJ started the groovin'. Their set was highlighted by 
Cory  doing "the worm", and jumping around in bare feet. Wait, make that "bear 
feet"  - he was sporting furry bear feet slippers! Don't worry, it was  
captured on film forever, soon to be (hopefully) seen in ffiction fanzine!
	Next up, was Sloan! Patrick, Jay and Andrew took to the stage, 
accompanied by a gorilla in orange coveralls that strangely resembled 
Chris! Wait a sec! It _was_ Chris! Those jokers... At this point, I lost 
Jeff, but found out later that he spent most of the Sloan set 
interviewing HCG up in their dressing room. So it's up to me to describe 
what went on... It was a good show, but quite honestly, a little sloppy. 
The singing and playing just weren't up to their normally high standards. 
Underwhelmed was played at breakneck pace, which was a refreshing change, 
but not when you feel that they were playing as fast as they could 
just so that they could put down their instruments and get out of there. 
I did really enjoy the show, but I hope that in future shows they 
are able to put a little more enthusiasm into it for their fans. 
Or maybe it was just because it was Kingston! Anyways, for me the highlights 
were Coax Me, Snowsuit Sound and I am the Cancer. Unfortunately they 
didn't play Deeper Than Beauty. In fact, it was not a long set - only 
one  encore (People...) and then it was all over by 12:30.
	Anyways, Jeff and I got pictures of the boys in their dressing 
room after the show - holding a ffiction sign! So check out the next 
issue of ffiction for the exclusive HCG interview, as well as pics of 
them all in action!

PS. So now Sloan is playing Hamilton on Sun.? Uh oh, I had to put off going 
home to see Sloan here in Kingston - now will I have to put off coming back to 
see them in Hamilton???