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Re: intended for sloan net...

hi there y'all.. :)

>2.Which sloan song is it that they wrote from lfan letters they had ripped
>off from a band they were touring with and does anyone know who the band

"penpals" is supposedly ripped-off Nirvana fanletters. :)

>3.Whats with this Les Amies du Sloanet comp. and can I be on it?(also can
>i do an acoustic versuion of I am the Cancer or is everyone and their
>house cat doing that one?)

hee hee, yeah..we already have a taker on Cancer (acoustic, too) so.. but
yr more than welcome to send something else in! (e-mail me personally for
more details..i won't waste space here..)  :)

>5.Which Sloan memeber was the Oscar Mayer kid? (or was that just a rumor)

i was talking to criss smurphy sunday about this -- oo cooincidence. :)
he was in the JR Schrneider commercial where the mom brings  home some
bacon or something..he is the little kid that steals it off the table...he
was also in numerous Eatons and Winnie The Pooh ads... and he was the
BigJim model. :)hee hee..anyone remember this from that '92 ? was it New
Music interview in the flea market? :)

 oh well i better shut up now..my obsession is
running my


l o v e 
t a r a  t h e  e x t o r t i o n i s t :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom