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we love lenni!

heeeeyyyylllloooooo!! :)
>i just saw len's _sugar pop_ video on the wedge...i was rather 
>impressed...any idea where i can pick up any of len's releases (if there 
>are any...:) )...

mmm hmmm! i just caught the vid too....wicked. hey was that checklove
shakil i spyed with my little eye?!! ;) great video....a worthy follow-up
to 'Slacker' (which was ,in my opinion , one of the best videos of '94..)

okay Len are from toronto -- so you think you caught me posting on
non-east-coast- related fare? 
 :) nope... both videos were filmed in haltown and they're on an east
coast-y label...No Records. For a copy of the *wonderful* 'Superstar'
cassette or 4-track (yippee!) :) write:
No Records
p.o. box36082 
Halifax, NS
B3J 3S9

PLUS: joel plaskett drums & sings backup on it, Stinkin' Rich rhymes on
it, and 'Cris Merfi' sings backup on it as well...there ya go. :)


>oh yeah...one question for the raleigh sport/state champs folks...what 
>ever happened to the 2 raleigh sport tapes i ordered in like december?  

eeeheee! east coast conspiracy.....

:) l o v e 
 t a r a  :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom