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Les Amis Du Sloan compilation tape

Hey kids! :)

So here's da scoop...ffiction's Tara da Costa and Joey Joey's Tara Lee 
Wittchen are all set to take on the project of a lifetime. We have worked 
out most of the details amongst ourselves and now we need your help. At 
first we wanted to make a compilation tape of all the different bands 
that have members on sloan net but then people kept writing and asking if 
they could cover a sloan song (or butcher, as catano put it ;) ). Well, 
here's what the plan is. We are looking for you to submit one original 
song if possible and one sloan cover if possible.

We want to distribute this tape along with upcoming editions of ffiction 
and Joey Joey, both sloan approved East Coast fanzines. See, this is a 
way for all of us to hear each other's music and have a little bit of 
fun, too. Both of us have access to four tracks so it's not going to 
sound as lame as you might think.

We've gotten replies already, but we need to hear from everyone again. 
Just email us each and tell us:
     a) the name of yer band (oh and who you are, duh...)
     b) what sloan song(s) you want to cover
     c) if you can send an original song
     d) when you can have this done by

What we want to do is get back to each of you and discuss details before 
you start mailing us with tapes and information. That way we can keep 
costs down low between the two of us. See, we live over 3000 km apart, so 
it'll be fun trying to coordinate this project.

We've picked out a name for our little pseudo record label and even a 
title for the compilation (it's a tear jerker, even ask James ;) shhhh...). 

We are looking for about a dozen bands/people to take part in this 
project, so be quick to respond, kay?

Oh yeah, and anyone who goes on the compilation will also get mentioned 
in the zines, of course! :) :) :)

Just something to keep us from getting too despondent over those sloan 
rumors! Thanks to all who respond and as for the rest of you who aren't 
in bands, please help us out by checking out the zines and the tapes when 
they are done! Anyone who has ideas or suggestions for us, we welcome 
them. Sorry to take up so much room, but even James is helping out in 
this one...hee hee.... :) :)

Check ya,
  queens of

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