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Tricks Removed: 2r tab

aye aye AYE!(shame shameless promotion)          Hey Kids!

Get it now!  a guide to the guitarist hitchiking the Twice Removed Galaxy!

And it is call:  TRICKS REMOVED !!!

you'll have enough info to play it just like the rock stars do.
inside it you have: Penpals
                    I hate my generation
                    People of the sky
                    Coax me
                    Worried now
                    Shame shame
                    Deeper than beauty
                    Snowsuit sound
                    I can feel it

they were transcribe ding dong in front of my tiny speakers. some I am damn
shure are exact as crystal, some not quite,but most of them will give a more
than fair picture of what is to be done. it is gtr1, gtr2 and bass, so, it can
serve the purpuses of a whole band who want to play one of their song as a

i have to pay the xerox, and you won't regret it, so 3$
is like nothing. so send 3$ (that included the postage) to:

                    Tricks Removed
                    2935, De La Verdure, #101
                    Ste-Foy, Qc, G1X-4R3

mail order to: yAn rAYMond.

as soon as i receive your money thee guide will be sent. for the ones
who allready e-mailed me about it, special treatement; the book will
be sent right away, i mean like tomorow. at the same time send the money,
so our letter will probably cross themselve somewhere.

your servant, :-)