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Hi, so, i interviewed HCG and Jay from Sloan for a while before the Kingston 
show, they were my first ever interviews (I'm not sure if they'll be 
published) so i wasn't too good, but here's a little taste of what i got:
during the interview i asked Jay:"oh ummm this is kind of silly: Who's 
the cutest band member of Sloan?"
Jay: Andrew Scott
then after the interview i asked Chris:"Who do you think is the cutest 
member of Sloan?" and he said
Chris: Uhh, Andrew's the most classically beautiful...
J: That's what I said
C: And Jay's the most adorable, harmless, kind of "Oooooo, I want a 
boyfriend like Jay cuz I've never done anything but kiss someone."
Moves: And Patrick's a milky prick
C: Patrick is for like bad girls who like wear mini-skirts and come to 
bars like this place [Stages], and uh...
M: ...for rocker chix...
P: Like my girlfriend
M: [to Chris] ...and you're for like scabby chix...
C: ...and I'm for like girls who never thought that they could get a real 
boyfriend, and I'm the kind of fat guy they think that might go out with 
them or something.
me: Thanks  

same question to Patrick:
P: Cutest member? I think we're all pretty much equally ugly in our own way
me: Y'think so?
P: Cutest? Jay could be kind of teddy bearishly cute, nice littly cute.
me: okay, thanks.
Andrew had left by that time so i've no other nuggets of useful info.

So that's a brief taste of my interview i got the same out of the show as 
the other person from Kingston i guess...i liked it a lot though, sorry if i 
come off as really flakey...
lisa c-w.