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Old review of Smart Bomb

Just to waste a little more bandwidth here's a copy of a review that I wrote
for a paper in Minneapolis called Cake. I know it's old news by now (it was
new when I submitted it, but it got bumped several times due to space), the
CMJ refered to was '93 and Mr Catano has informed me that the BOC stuff  was
actually a Sloan riff they expropriated, but what the hell, every horn needs
tooting once in a while.

Smart Bomb
Thrush Hermit have finally released their EP, months after stealing the show
at the Lobsterpallooza showcase during last fall?s CMJ conference in NYC.
They dish pure punk-pop in the time honored tradition of Sloan (their label
owners), Hüsker Dü, and Redd Kross.  And while they may drink from the same
well as those fine compatriots, the influences are subtle because the boys
do have their own sound.  They also have a dose of the spirit, but not
really the sound, of the Replacements ? that goofy edge minus the streak of
nihilism and self destruction that ultimately did the ?Mats in.  That edge
is exemplified in ?Pink Is The Colour,? a chunk of fuzzed, fizzy guitar with
a coda chock full of BOC riffage.  ?Cott? ( the only one of a series of pop
songs (get it?) that saw light) is like Leonard Cohen?s ?Suzanne? if ole Len
had been a horny teen with a penchant for loud guitars.  The CD ends with
?Radio Blaster," which, with its cracking-voice harmonies, is the perfect
closing track because it makes you want to play the whole thing over again.
And that?s a superb idea, so I think I will. [Butland]