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prize winners soap opera

so the prize winners' showcase at the oasis
last night had to be canned because of a
mixup on the part of decent management.
it's a very unfortunate situation.  basically
the oasis apparently understood the gig to 
be booked for tonight, not last night.
decent apparently thought they had booked
it for the 24th, not the 25th, as you can
see in their ad in _the coast_.  and so that's
when the prizewinners had advertised it for.

so, instead we had a party at emily's house!
there were probably about 25 people there.
besides the prize winners there were celebs
in attendance like sebastian from hardship
post, ian mcgettigan from thrush hermit,
and the unstoppable wayne macpherson.
we had basement sets from preppy relatives,
state champs, and popularity contest.  they
also introduced their zine/compilation tape
which is really wicked!  you should see the
zine, it's spray-painted gold on the outside
and then all the pages are dyed a rich blue.
and there's little envelopes with presents
in them on some of the pages!  the cassette
cover was made from pages of a french braille
new testament.  wild stuff, kids.  

on the tape there's two songs each from
kiss daddy goodbye, state champs, popularity
contest, and preppy relatives.  

PREPPY RELATIVES:  this is gordon isnor on
vocals and guitar, and warren auld (ex-horseshoes)
on drums.  gordon did a cool little set.  his
songs are really interesting and so is his
guitar style.  there's a preppy relatives
song on the tape that is probably only a 
minute and half long and is probably the
most original song that short that i've
ever heard.  it sticks in my head.

STATE CHAMPS:  the champs were laid back
and kinda out of tune.  so it wasn't an
earthshaking set or anything.  but it was
fun for me 'cause they did some of my
favorite songs from their last gig as
raleigh sport.

POPULARITY CONTEST:  emily has a song
where she name-checks laura borealis and
quotes liz phair.  it's on the tape as
well -- it made quite the impression live.
emily is fascinating as a vocalist 'cause
she looks very young but sings like she's
very old.  and her guitar playing is 
really cool and interesting.  her bassist
looks pretty inexperienced right now,
but no doubt he'll improve with time.
gordon drums for them and he does it
like he plays guitar -- lots of interesting
little unpredictable variations.

so i ended up giving ian from thrush hermit
and wayne and chris from john masters a
ride home after the party.  it was my
first job as limo driver to the stars.  :-)


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