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Warehouse show

Well, I wish I could write a really great review of the show, but
unfortunately I can't.  The Warehouse as (T. Hunt) said before is
a terrible place to see a band.  I was really surprised when the
show was announced for the Warehouse...since it's usually reserved
as an all-ages dance club...  Recently it's become a popular live
concert venue.

Secondly, the sound system was horrible!  It was apparent as soon
as the opening band (Hip Club Groove) came onstage and went through
their set, which would have been really good if you could have
heard their rhymes, but even though I have their cd, I couldn't make
out what they were saying...  A lot of people were really hostile
toward the band...as I heard plenty of boos and insults being hurled
at the band...  I guess people here didn't expect a hip hop band
to be opening up for sloan...  The backflip was really cool!

Next came jale, who I was most excited about seeing.  I saw them a
few months ago at the Opera House, and was very impressed with
their live performance.  Again, I was disappointed last night.  I
think jale also realised the sound wasn't good, since I noticed
several times as jennifer (who was closest to the sound guy)
beconed him to adjust levels and such...  It seemed to me that the
sound system was just not powerful enough for a large hall like
the Warehouse...  They opened with a couple of songs that appeared
to be new, and went through a great set including most of the
stuff on Dreamcake.  Songs like Nebulous, The Unseen Guest and Not
Happy (which was their final song - no encore for jale) were real
standouts in my opinion.

Finally came Sloan.  They did a really great set, which had been
listed here before so I won't go through it.  There didn't seem
to be anything different than those posted earlier.  The sound
didn't seem as poor as it did for the opening acts...  Underwhelmed
and Penpals sounded amazing live!  I like the new twists that they
have put on underwhelmed.  I did get the feeling that the band was
kinda bored with touring and just going through the motions.

At the end of the show one of the guys from Hip Club Groove came
out and danced with a girl who did some crowd surfing and that was
it...  I guess the show finished up around 11:30 or so, although I
didnt look at my watch...

All in all it was really cool to see Sloan and jale play on the same
bill, but I was hoping that they would take advantage of the situation
and do I can feel it, which didn't happen.

Despite it's problems, the show was definitely worth the 10 bucks I
paid to see it...  Although, if I had bought from scalpers who were
probably charging 2-3 times that I would have been really disappointed.
Maybe my expectations were just too high....although the general
concensus among the people I went with was that the show was ruined
by a poor sound system...



PS:  They were selling some cool shirts commemorating the show,
with the date and location printed on the back.  

PPS:  I didn't see either band chatting with the crowd.  I guess
the warehouse is too big for that...  I did notice Andrew sitting
up on a balcony watching jale.  The guy from HCG who danced at 
the end of the show did sign some albums (I noticed a guy getting
a superfriends 7" signed by him...what's up with that?