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jale in Kingston


Decided to show up at 6:30, since the venue (The Toucan) has a listed 
capacity of 79 persons and sold no advance tickets.  Got to watch the 
management kick out the under-agers.
Tension began to build when there were still no instruments to be seen on 
stage at 8:00.  Nor at 9:00. Nor at 10:00.  The headliners finally showed 
up at about 10:30.  The opening act, Kingston locals Yellowbelly, took 
the stage at 10:55.  Discussion around my table included trying to put 
our collective fingers on exactly what was wrong with this band.  
Actually, I thought they were pretty good.
Around midnight, jale took the stage.  By this point, the 79 capacity had 
been surpassed by about 250.  The pub was shoulder to shoulder people, 
front to back.
The band opened with some new material and worked their way into some of 
the old.  Most of 'Dreamcake' was played, and the band finished their set 
with Laura's 'Double Edged'.  An enthusiastic crowd demanded an encore, 
and jale responded with a new tune, 'Wait', and 'Not Happy'. 
Alyson looked like she was having the time of her life, wearing this 
perpetual grin.  Apparently, she thought that it was hilarious that the 
soundboard and sound tech were on the stage, right next to the drums!!
Two of my friends in attendance, bass players both, were just in awe of 
Laura's fine instrument.  The band also mentioned that it is quite a 
wierd feeling playing in front of 2300 one night, and '79' the next.
I did request 'The Honeymoon Song' of Eve during her sound check, and she 
immediately blushed and tried to decline.  She said it would take about 
20 beers to get her to sing it, so Haligonians take note.  Afterwards, 
she apologized to me for not playing it, but I think she was more 
relieved than sorry.  (Note to Joyce L.: I think she rues the day she 
played it for you  :)
The band immediately left to return to Toronto, where they will be 
recording their new material and practising.  Jennifer seemed really 
excited about their new stuff.  They plan on releasing a 5 song EP on 
murder this April!!  Their next Sub Pop release is fairly distant, however.
Anyway, I thought the show was excellent, and I am really looking forward 
to that EP!!