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Re: Stupid Question

> > > PS:  Sloan's T.O. show sucked, even though I got to meet Jay and Chris
> > > beforehand.  I much preferred their Ottawa show.  Just my 2 cents.  
> > > 
> Agreed!  PS:  Where were Jay and Chris before the show?

	They were at CFNY's The Edge Of Bloor and Bathurst studio for
Live In Toronto.  They did an on-air interview with Kim Hughes, some
songs were played (from _Twice Removed_, not live by the guys
themselves), and they answered some telephone questions.  After the
interview, a table was set up in the back for Jay and Chris to sign
autographs.  But they did come over to speak to a whole bunch of us
during songs and commercials...Jay was really nice (I met him after
the Ottawa show, as well), but Chris was a bit, nonchalant, shall we
say.  Still a nice guy for the most part, though.   :)   
	Oh, just as an afterthought...Jay and Chris really slagged Kingston
throughout the CFNY interview.   Chris kept going on and on about how
Kingston sucked. He said it was because the venue was really bad, and how he 
hated playing in bars.  Does anyone who went to the Kingston show have any
thoughts on this?  (sorry if it's been brought up before, I've been
away for a week, and I haven't had time to catch up)


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