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sloan in t.o.

woah!  everyone's favourite (?) 4'11"-oriental-female-with-glasses, blah 
blah blah is back after nine days, only to find 106 messages from the 
'net sitting in her inbox.  (what was it with the kirk cameron thing!?)

finally caught their performance on rita.  my, weren't they *pretty* ;)

anyways, i need to say my $0.02 worth (or after today's budget 
announcement, its value will probably drop to $0.01) about the sloan t.o. 
show.  my first concert after my 19th birthday.....

hip club groove: these guys deserve better.  i personally dislike hip 
		 hop, rap, dance, etc., but i don't think it was polite of 
		 these two annoying girls who continuously yelled "get the 
		 f*ck off the stage!" throughout their set.  here's my 
		 dilemma: i want to support them 'cuz they're canuck and not 
		 really for their music; but then, i'm defeating their 
		 purpose of getting across *for* their music.  any suggestions?

jale: first time seeing them live, and i liked it.  i must admit that i 
      haven't listened to _dreamcake_ that much (shoot me now), but have 
      been hooked since.  i was really pissed when some asshole threw his 
      (yes, it was a he) shoe on to the stage and hit laura squarely on the 
      chest, right at the beginning of the song 'emma'.  she was clearly 
      pissed, and for a good reason.  what i thought was worse, was when 
      they said that they'd 'get off the f*cking stage' if people didn't 
      stop throwing their 'f*ckin stuff', people cheered in support of 
      getting them off the stage.  ..but i like jale.. (sorry; i had to end 
      this review on a happier note)

sloan: yep.  they came on.  and they played -- mighty LOUD, i might add. 
       (i learned the importance of earplugs that night).  i wasn't 
       impressed with their set, though.  sound-wise, it could have been 
       better (oh oh, here goes the bitchin', eh, alex? ;) ).  the set was 
       pretty different from the set they played at fed hall in waterloo; 
       the sets began and ended the same (began with 'marcus said', then 
       'pillow fight', and ended with 'people of the sky'), but the order of 
       the songs were different, and some of the songs were different -- 
       they omitted 'loosens' (one song i really, really wanted to hear), 
       put in 'torn', and changed 'underwhelmed' from the _peppermint_-esque 
       sound to the crowd pleasing _smeared_ version.  i found the set to be 
       really crowd oriented, especially for the young 'ins who wanted to 
       mosh and surf throughout the show (like my brother), not wanting to 
       alter the 'flow' of things, by playing slower songs (ones i like) 
       such as 'loosens' and 'bells on'.  anyways, a good point was that it 
       was full of energy.  ...oh, unfortunately, (like my 'secret source' 
       said -- ok, i'll admit it; i asked jay and he told me at the waterloo 
       show) jennifer pierce didn't join the sloan boys for any songs :(

patrick walked right by me during the hcg set! (i didn't realize that it 
was him before it was too late)

tim and martin of the rheostatics like sloan! (they were there)

accolades to jay for coming out to greet fans after the show.  what a 
sweetie :)  (jenny pierce came out too!)

...oops, i'm *very* (i.e. 30 min) late for my philosophy class... umm, 
i'll go to the next one.... (not a good start) ... catch y'all later!

  			..carol (who missed criss and jay at cfny :( )
... anyone have pics of the boys for sale?

p.s.  hey, why weren't they on the wedge????????????????
p.p.s.  my brother and his friends thought that sloan and *slayer* (they 
        were at the c.n.e. grandstand the same night) should've been playing 
        together.  RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!