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criss and jay on cfny

all right netters, i'm sure that you're sick of me, BUT... i thought that 
i'd relay some of the things that criss and jay said on cfny (please 
correct me if i get any facts wrong -- i listened to it on the way to the 

- no video for 'i hate my generation' is in the works, but they did make 
a home video of 'em playing it in their hotel room

- break up seems to be pretty close; they didn't say that they were 
splitting for sure, but they didn't say that they were staying together, 
either.  maybe playing in the summer (let's all keep our fingers crossed)

- play your 7" vinyls on the turntable, not in your cd player ;)

- original dress code at kings: grey blazier and blue slacks (or was it 
the other way around?) and a pipe.  now: tye-dye shirts, knit-caps, a 
hacky sack...  (criss)

- laura borealis is in chicago doing some recordings

- the single should be out in a few months....

- they liked doing high school shows (played at one high school in 
orangeville... lucky kids!)

- criss really slammed kingston bars, but luvs 3 kewl venues in windsor

- clothes (for rita & friends) were left overs from past _wayne and 
shuster_ shows (classic canadian comedy on the cbc, for all of you south 
of the border).  none of them fit andrew, so he went looking around for 
something in the basement.  they were hesitant at first to appear (well, 
maybe it was mainly criss), but since it was a country-wide broadcast 
they were on.  (and looked pretty)

- the 'quebec' version of 'i hate my generation' has them saying (instead 
of s-e-a-n-s-a-i-d etc.), s-e-p-e-r-a-t-e. ...ha ha.... (was i the only one 
that was laughing before they mentioned the word quebec?)  

..that's all i can remember on this monday morning...  feel free to add 
stuff.  i tried recording it off the radio (but my tape got cut off), so 
if anyone wants to hear it, or wants me to provide the exact wording of 
it (but it may take me forever to do it), e-mail me personally!  or, just 
e-mail me personally, anyway!