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random garble...

hey people...
i have a couple questions and am seeking answers( obviously)...although as
i write it'll probably become more like 5-109 questions..but all are
answerable and important(at least to me...)

1)  how was eric's trip on Sat. night at Birdland? I am from Halifax, now
living in Sydney and was in Halifax last Wed-Sun...and (gulp) didn't
go...before you kill me it was going to be about 15-18 bucks for a cab home
after the show...a way out to Willet St.

2) Tara: i am in a cool band( we think we're cool but we probably just suck
ha ha) I want in on the Sloan Tribute(?) album and will do an older song
hopefully an original from Peppermint but it would be easier if i had the
lyrics to the three songs that are only on Peppermint(hint hint to all)

3) Here's something totally useless to the rest of the world...but about 6
yrs ago there were two guys kicked out of St. Pat's in Halifax for wearing
kilts to school, they were subsequently interviewed on CBC news and ifor
some God awful, unknown reason i keep thinking it was two of the guys from
Sloan...am I right ?(it is something they would've done) or am I just a pit
of useless memories???

4) I purchased copies of Pearl Jam "Ten" and"Vs." on vinyl as well as the
new R.E.M. "monster" on vinyl as well...but the big thing i found (at least
to me in the great white north...Cape Breton) was SLoan "2R' and H.C.G. on
viyl...its not really a question just a statement of how much Sydney music
stores suck...

5) Did anyone see the No-Cases stuff on MuchEast a week or so ago...how did
it look???

6)Tara: oh yeah our band is called "Umbrella Tree" we're still not sure why
yet, cause the TV show of the same name is too dorky even for the coolest
people...its a four piece consisting of myself( Ian Daye) on drums, Peter
Rogers: guitar and vox, Alfred Remo on guitar and perhaps a bassist( then
again it sounds cool without one...hmmm....(selfless publicity i know...)

7) lastly (I hope) can someone out there compile a COMPLETE listing of all
the albums and singles that exist for Sloan...Tribute albums, 45's full
length etc...if it was already here i probably missed it....

oh well that's is enough thinking for today...off to class now..

"I found my friends,they're in my head..."
Ian Daye  :)