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Sloan + Kingston

	I saw the Sloan-boys here in K-town, and as I mentioned in my 
"concert review", they didn't appear to to be in love with Kingston. 
Chris was *especially* vocal about this... both before the show ("I hate 
Kingston!") and after ("get me out of here!"). Gee, thanks Chris...
I was actually surprised that they came back here - during their Sept. 
show, Jay got hit in the face with a pint glass, and the whole band 
seemed pissed off at the (drunk) crowd. Understandably, I guess. Also 
they were mad because the show was supposed to be all-ages, but wasn't. But 
they still did a great show, and even invited the crowd up on stage at the 
end of their multi-song encore.
	This time, however, they didn't play any new songs or covers. I 
overheard Chris saying before the show he was made at himself for "not 
doing enough research" about the place - I think he was referring to the 
venue, or Kingston in general. If they hate playing in bars, maybe they 
should have looked into alternative venues, instead of whining and 
bitching and just going through the motions. It seems though (from other 
reports) that maybe they're tiring of the whole scene... if that's the 
case, perhaps they _should_ break up (*gasp!*)... I hope they don't though.
	I should mention that after the show, all the band members hung 
around outside their dressing room talking to fans, signing autographs 
etc. and were generally pleasant. But I'm sorry to hear that they were 
slagging Kingston on the radio (what exactly did they say? details?).

PS. to those of you at the Kingston show - was Andrew swearing at the 
crowd during the encore?? who was he yelling at?? I thought I heard him 
saying "f*ck off" or something repeatedly.