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Re: random garble...

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, IAN JOSEPH DAYE wrote:

> hey people...
> i have a couple questions and am seeking answers( obviously)...although as
> i write it'll probably become more like 5-109 questions..but all are
> answerable and important(at least to me...)
> 3) Here's something totally useless to the rest of the world...but about 6
> yrs ago there were two guys kicked out of St. Pat's in Halifax for wearing
> kilts to school, they were subsequently interviewed on CBC news and ifor
> some God awful, unknown reason i keep thinking it was two of the guys from
> Sloan...am I right ?(it is something they would've done) or am I just a pit
> of useless memories???

nope, it wasn't them.  the kids were from QEH (my home turf) and i 
actually have the footage of the whole caffufle from CBC on tape 
somewhere.  They were big punk rockers and my friend neil's big sister 
rachel used to date one of them.  chris went to hfx west high school, jay 
went to private school, andrew went to dartmouth high, but transfered to 
QEH to play basketball (i swear to god.  it was the "cool" thing for 
dartmouth jocks to do in their senior year.), and i have no idea where 
pat went to school.  I don't think they were punks by any stretch of the 
imagination in HS (chris loved minor threat, tho...).  In some more 
usless gossip, rachel (neil's big sister, remember?) went on to date jay 
a couple of years later.  she says he was really nice.

> 4) I purchased copies of Pearl Jam "Ten" and"Vs." on vinyl as well as the
> new R.E.M. "monster" on vinyl as well...but the big thing i found (at least
> to me in the great white north...Cape Breton) was SLoan "2R' and H.C.G. on
> viyl...its not really a question just a statement of how much Sydney music
> stores suck...

do they suck for carrying vinyl, or for carrying PJ and REM, or do you 
suck for buying it?  I don't understand ;)

> 5) Did anyone see the No-Cases stuff on MuchEast a week or so ago...how did
> it look???

no idea, but did anyone catch ET, stinkin' rich and the gracebabies last 
night on ME?

> 7) lastly (I hope) can someone out there compile a COMPLETE listing of all
> the albums and singles that exist for Sloan...Tribute albums, 45's full
> length etc...if it was already here i probably missed it....

i got nothing else to do, so i'll give it a shot.

the sloan discography (rough draft)

-three song(?) four-track demo tape (1st version of underwhelmed and be 
my valentine (blood) - which became torn)

-hear and now compilation cassette and cd (2nd version of underwhelmed)

-peppermint e.p. (3rd version of underwhelmed)

-smeared lp (4th version of underwhelmed)

-Underwhelmed cd single

-sugartune promo cd

-back to the garden joni mitchell tribute cd

-i am the cancer cd single

-sloan/eric's trip split 7"

-DGC rarities vol. I cd compilation

-National Chart magazine promo flexi

-twice removed lp

-new murder records 7"

please feel free to add to this list.

> oh well that's is enough thinking for today...off to class now..
> "I found my friends,they're in my head..."
> Ian Daye  :)