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Re: criss and jay on cfny

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995 13:47:40 -0400 (AST) you said:
>> - the 'quebec' version of 'i hate my generation' has them saying (instead
>> of s-e-a-n-s-a-i-d etc.), s-e-p-e-r-a-t-e. ...ha ha.... (was i the only one
>> that was laughing before they mentioned the word quebec?)
Ha Ha...what a bag o' jokes they are...i nearly shit in my pants.

what do you mean "quebec" version. is it the way they've played(sp?) it in
MTL..maybe i hate my generation has a hidden political meanin..
her's my analysing(sp?) of it...
when it said "what could you both possibly share other then the color of your
hair" here  it's an other way of saying the color of the skin. talking about
the two fonding race (yuk) of the contry who don't know what they have
in commun..
then "sean sead: we both play guitar." we allredy know that sean said
is a secret code for "separate"..."never even have to say a word. that's
the best thing that i ever heard"...here i'm not really shure because it
could mean, that, the language is not a problem when you have music and
that you assume that music is international and colorblind..but it could
also mean, and that is scary dear coleagues, that: "separate : we both
have our culture (guitar is an instrument for art) so we don't need
to talk to each other" to what criss reponse " you got it right, for once
we have the same opinion, we should break up".

then it start talking about people born in '40's, teen in '50's,
mmmm, well aren't they were all born in the 40's, i mean : Parizeau,
Wells, Landry, Manning,...
And that they should all "take it with a grain a salt"...
"and maybe, maybe...":  'cause taking it with a grain a salt can in way
eased things, but that also can aggrieviate(sp?) it, don't they?

"i hate generation" : he dislike something that he's  part of. something
 that he cannot realy dismembered himself from.
"as i skate by my generation" : everybody knows the importance of hockey
in canadian culture, English or French.


"everybody need pain 'cause with it comes hope." -unknown