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Re: random garble...

Hi kids,

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, Michael Demonseed ;) Catano wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, IAN JOSEPH DAYE wrote:
> > 
> > 5) Did anyone see the No-Cases stuff on MuchEast a week or so ago...how did
> > it look???
> no idea, but did anyone catch ET, stinkin' rich and the gracebabies last 
> night on ME?

I taped the nocases stuff but unfortunately couldn't watch it...you see, I 
was busy accepting collect phone calls from rich rock stars.... ;)

As for the ET stuff, wow, mark gaudet is really crazy and funny. I loved 
that they showed them doing a few live bits and then had a good interview 
where for once they didn't depend on/force julie to be the spokesperson. 
Stinkin' Rich was really cool and funny, I thought. He looks a lot 
younger than I thought he was, but what the hell do I know? The 
gracebabies seemed ok, but I was too busy being blown away by the mere 
fact Stinkin Rich (aka buck 65 - ha ha ha!) and Eric's Trip were being 
paid attention to. Did anyone see the purple helmets?? omigod...yeeeesh.

> > 7) lastly (I hope) can someone out there compile a COMPLETE listing of all
> > the albums and singles that exist for Sloan...Tribute albums, 45's full
> > length etc...if it was already here i probably missed it....
> the sloan discography (rough draft)
> -three song(?) four-track demo tape (1st version of underwhelmed and be 
> my valentine (blood) - which became torn)
> -hear and now compilation cassette and cd (2nd version of underwhelmed)

Don't forget...

Cod Can't Hear compilation - a different version of Ragdoll appears on 
this than what you can pick up on the I am the Cancer British single
(which has the lp version of I am the cancer, Two seater, plus ragdoll 
and laying blame.)

> > -peppermint e.p. (3rd version of underwhelmed)
> -smeared lp (4th version of underwhelmed)
> -Underwhelmed cd single
> -sugartune promo cd
> -back to the garden joni mitchell tribute cd

That is where you can get `A Case Of You', definitely a track worth 
picking up.

> -i am the cancer cd single
> -sloan/eric's trip split 7"
> -DGC rarities vol. I cd compilation
> -National Chart magazine promo flexi
> -twice removed lp
> -new murder records 7"

some Black Pool stuff features Chris on bass
Kearney Lake Rd is chris and jay
Snob Shop (chris helped out, it's laura borealis' project thing, i guess 
- email shant or tara da costa for more details)

and check out the otis haynes song on `not if i smell you first', the 
sonic unyon compilation. Patrick and Chris are responsible for that mess 
:) :) - it's a real *rocker*.
While yer at it, check out the chris thompson (eric's trip) songs and the 
eric's trip track `evie' on that comp.

 > > 
> please feel free to add to this list.
> mike

Also, if anyone wants a hard copy of the sloan discography, check out 
tara da costa's ffiction number two, shant helped her put together a 
really accurate one.
(she's at bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca)

um...shameless promotion....I sort of have an eric's trip discography in 
my zine....but it doesn't list all the broken girl, moonsocket et al 
stuff. If anyone's interested, email me.

Does anyone know why sloan did not appear on the wedge yet??? 

Ok, I have to say one more quick thing. Everyone on sloan net who is dead 
serious about being on this sloan tribute (?) hee hee tape, please email 
me by this weekend. We want to make a complete definitive list. the 
following people do not have to email us : listmanagerboy, catano, blair 
(re: b^ehl). We have gotten about 16 responses, but some of them were 
vague and we really need you to say if yer up for it. Sorry to bother the 
rest of the sloan net list. :) :)  When you email us, state the song you 
want to cover and if you are donating an original track, too. You don't 
have to do an original song if you don't want to.

`Gonna be good times' or our `asses are on the floor'  ;) :) :) :)

kisses for you all,
T  A  R  A
(future record industry whore....AS IF!!!)