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les ami(e)s du sloan comp....

hi everyone. :)

thanks to all of you who are getting involved with this 'les ami(e)s...'
thing. it's going to be great thanks to all the contributors. :)

we've had so much interest however, that we're going to try and restrict
it to one song (a sloan cover) form each artist, for *this* particular
comp. you know, cover all sloan songs and get it out in time for the
break-up, which im pretty sure is going to happen..

HOWEVER, i know there are some of you who are really into sending up an
original tune...well send 'em along with the sloan covers , cos if this
goes over well, we can put out a collection of sloannet bands' originals
in the summertime, ok? :)

thanks for your cooperation (and patience) as we try to work this all out...

hereis a list of people who need to email a tara and let us know which
song they'd like to do:

-Yan + mr. roper's tapioca
-Hua in California
-Gord D.
-Ian D.  (umbrella tree boy)
-Blair P. (and B'ehl ? did i spell that right? sorry.)
-Heather H.
-Jon from the Toolie
-Galapagos Raygun kids (tara lee can you find out?)

here is a list of people who've already told us which song they're doing
(but if ya change your mind, let us know) :

-james covey
-jeff C + Karen W.
-state champs kids
-Hugh ;)
-tom in New York
-Christine in ottawa
-Warren R.
-shant/kat/adam (i think)
-hitchiked (duh.) ;)

deadline for entries (not actual tapes, just e-mailed info) is THIS
FRIDAY.unless theres some big problem and your computer blows up and you
cant reach us til the weekend...;) 

ALL..... i think there were a few others who were interested (Rob in 
olympia....) but who i havent heard back from yet..

and Tara Lee, i dont know if you've got anyone else on your list, but add
them on if you do...

okay, since this is going to be a two-volume deal, we will have to have
half the kids send their stuff to me and  the other half send them to tara
in calgary....DONT SEND ANYTHING YET (if you already did tho, dont worry) .
We will let you know this weekend who it is that you can send your tapes
to, okay?

deadline for sending tapes in wont be for a few weeks...we're willing to
wait for everyone to get there acts together and stuff, so chill. :)

i think i've addressed everything i intended to. if there are any
problems or if anyone wants more info, OR if you are on that list and we
need to know which song you are covering, please e-mail a tara  at:

tlwittch\!/freenet.calgary.ab.ca (tara lee)
bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca (tara dee)

thanks again, kids! :)

love, tara:)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom