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Re: criss and jay on cfny

yo whassup....:)

>> what do you mean "quebec" version. is it the way they've played(sp?) it in
>> MTL..maybe i hate my generation has a hidden political meanin..
>Hmmmmmm....anyone see that old LAME interview on CBC news where Andrew is 
>wearing a leopard skin type of jacket and has fluffy blonde hair? Yeah
>well sloan (`in with the teenage crowd') were asked "what about this 
>comparison between you and nirvana?"
>Andrew Scott - "The only similarity is that we play guitar"
>Chris Murphy - "And you have blonde hair now..."
>Andrew Scott - "The only similarity is that I have blonde hair and that 
>we play guitar."
>Hmmmmmmmm....so it's not *just* penpals.... :) :)

:) in my LAME interview with them i brought up this blonde-guitar-nirvana
thing that you'd mentioned before, tara (as well as this theory about all
their songs sumbliminally being about nirvana) :) and criss laughed and
said it had nothing to do with that....neither did coax me have anything
to do with kurts death. it got silly after those songs though.

ie. in underwhelmed 'she said thankyou and i said *nevermind*...'

:)  im terminally silly.

tara eggzs on da toes

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom