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Re: concerts?

     okay, so nobody talked about the show, so i suppose i can then. 
eric's trip put on a great performance on saturday. they seemed fairly 
well rested after a looooong break from band related activities. the 
performance was very heavy...almost reminiscent of early double deuce 
shows. the set included a lot of the 'forever again' album, as well as 
'i'm so near here' and 'lightly feeling' from 'gorson st...' as well as 
gems like 'happens all the time' and 'lost' from an early demo tape.
and of course, what wouldn't make an eric's trip show complete but 
'blinded', right. unfortunately, julie doesn't scream as much now. i 
always thought that was most of the song right there. oh well. lots of 
jumping around and shoving in the pit. 
     keep your eyes peeled for rick's 'elevator to hell' vinyl only side 
project on sub pop, and sometime soon, a new 7". stay tuned...