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Sloan on Rita

well i'm a little behind in some of the things that i wanted to do.  this 
was one of them-- i work on rita and friends and i was in the studio when 
sloan were on rita.  they were great.  i heard from one of the girls in 
the audience that they were a bit dragged because the audience left after 
the first run through.  but most of the fans for the show are older and 
they told me that sloan were a bit too loud for their "old" ears.  i 
thought sloan did a great job and i felt sorry for them but i ended up 
getting a seat in the audience after all the people left--i didn't 
complain.   anyways they were suppose to play two songs, but only played 
one because that was all the CBC scheduled.  well it will still be a good 
show to watch and hopefully next year eric's trip or other good canadian 
bands will be on rita for the second season!

                     Patricia Jones*************


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