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breakfast cereals

Hi all,

So I'm sitting there at the breakfast table this morning with my
friend and we're eating our special organic corn flakes with 1%
milk and then it hits me. I realized that 


  can be made to spell


Yes, indeed. :)

So, I'm wondering if anyone out there has the lyrics to sloan
songs that aren't on 2r or smeared. Guitar wankers out there, I
am learning how to play and if you know the chords and junk for
500 up and other HIT SINGLES :) by that fab four, talk to me,

And any news on if Hardship
Post are planning to come out and tour when their new HIT album
comes out???

I have way too much free time...

love and stuff,

TARA thee ice weasel

ps/ to my fellow geek (and he knows who he is) thanks for the
phone call, sorry I missed it. :)

ps+/ "hugh rotten little kids, get off my lawn."