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pool tournament

since no one else posted the results, here goes:

	1. Every Damn Sunday - they were sharks.  they were amazing.  
they had their own cues.

	2. Coyote - damn fine performance, but were beaten in the final 
game, possibly due to exhaustion after a trying bout with the state 
champs in the semis.

	3. Superfriendz - got whumped in the semis by EDS, but kicked 
butt in the consolation to take the bronze.
	4. the State Champs - dan beazley is a god of pool, but they were 
beaten in a tense semi-final match against coyote.  they were drained and 
their spirits were shattered, leading to some tragic mistakes, leaving 
them easy prey for SUperfriendz.

1st prize was a day in Soundmarket studios w/ terry "sloan" pulliam (old 

2nd prize was a catherine stockhausen photo shoot.

3rd prize was a t-shirt design by miro.

mike "buckeye news hawk" catano