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Re: Raleigh Sport vs. Holden Wheeling

On Sun, 29 Jan 1995, Mark Kenneth Mullane wrote:

> Hey,
> I just wanted to make one or two little remarks about the Green Room show.
> It was really fun playing for such a diverse crowd, although not to many 
> were into our songs. JUst before our Motes song, "The 5/8 Type" some 
> girls behind us said "Why dontcha stop sing-an". I'm glad a lot our 
> friends enjoyed it because as James sort of mentioned our tape just 
> doesn't portray what we're all about. The best part of the whole show was 
> afterwards laughing with James and Jim about the possibility of us doing 
> a split with Spine where we would take one of each others songs a 
> massacre it. To be honest I have never heard a Spine song, I saw them at 
> the Lawn Jam but only for a split second when the singer was immitating 
> the sitting down-uninterested crowd. 
> On a sadder note, the big CKDU Pool tourny was held yesterday. Raleigh 
> Sport played Sloan first game. I honestly thought we were doomed because 
> Pat is such a shark but luckily Chris wasn't all that hot, unless you 
> count his double bank shot that put RS out of the pool tournament but 
> each game was a battle to the end and it could have gone either way. The 
> winners were Every Damn Sunday? who? anyway they beat Coyote in the 
> final, in the consilation match Superfriendz defeated State Champs.
> Finally, I want to thank everyone who sent us $ for Raleigh Sport 
> product, it's on its way soon but that's Mike's department, I just write 
> the hits, baby. See you later, Mark 
I think Mark forgot to say that Raliegh Sport were beaten in the ultimate 
losers game verus holden wheeling, it also could be jon and catano were 
affraid to tell Mark after the wheelingites did away with the sports.