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eric's trip's evening of sappiness

     that's my whole first paragraph. last night's show at the oasis was 
f*#\!/!ing incredible. it was off to a late start, and slightly empty for a 
while, but once things got under way, it was a wonderful evening of 
sappiness that lasted almost three hours (counting breaks). 
     first to come on was julie's broken girl show. unfortunately, when 
she's alone performing she seems a little timid...but then again it adds 
a lot to her performance. she played stuff that's never been done live 
before, and a song she said that eric's trip may do, which was pretty 
good. poor julie also got shocked twice by an unruly microphone which 
probably wasn't grounded, and once mid-song. all in all, a great 
     next to perform were rick's elevator to hell featuring mark on 
drums, tara s'appart on guitar and shared vocals, and ron bates on 
wonderfully, heavily distorted keyboards. i suppose this was best 
described as a cross between harder eric's trip and trance inducing 
stereolab. ron's keyboards blasted through almost everything else and 
overpowered the other instruments at times. i thought it was great. they 
did an excellent cover of the yardbirds' "for your love".
     chris' moon socket came on next, opening and closing the 
show with pre-recorded sounds of julie's baby, benjamin. his set was like 
one complete song, with each separate song connected by noodling on his 
guitar. chris seems to be overcoming his fear of solo performances and is 
becoming a little less stage shy. his vocals were a little clearer than 
the previous two shows i saw. unfortunately, he didn't sing the "hifey 
the bear" song or rod stewart's "infatuation" this time. then of course, 
there was always mark sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, 
looking so at home with his slippers on...
     purple knight put a wonderfully, er...ah, stoned cap on the 
evening's festivities. purple knight and jesus christ superstar, together 
at last...wow, who'd a thunk it! including some new stuff and old stuff, 
mark and his old purple knight buddy raynold legere blasted through a 
raaawwwkin' 35 minute set, including the stampeders' "wild eyes" and 
stuff from jesus christ superstar. holy s#%t! he is just a powerhouse 
(mark). who says stoners are lazy and relaxed! he busted through most of 
his snare head by the end of the set! unfortunately, many people were 
leaving or had left by that time. suckers!!!! "i, don't know how to love 
     last knight renewed my belief that "SAPPY MUSIC IS BETTER!!"

shant:)...happy person.