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the gig was cool

i had a blast last night!  the ckdu all-ages
fundraiser at dalhousie was the most fun i've 
had at a show in a while.  four bands, four 
bucks, you can't beat it.

the opening act was RALEIGH SPORT, and they
were so fab.  totally gear.  (sorry, that's
an inside joke.)  they were, though.  let's
just say that raleigh sport's cassette
recordings are not nearly an adequate
representation of what they are capable of
live.  i liked every song they played.  in
fact, i would have liked to hear more.  
(always leave 'em wanting more, i guess.)
for those of you who've heard their _task
force on primary_ cassette, i think you'd
enjoy hearing their rock version of 
"thigh high stalkings".  they also do a
terrific motes cover.  i liked a lot of
other songs they did but i don't know the
names yet.  something tells me i'll get
the chance to get more familiar with them.
great stuff for all fans of that ever-
expanding subgenre of music known as
"bands that sound like pavement."

last night was also my first chance to
catch local rappers UNIVERSAL SOUL.  that's
jo run's new project (formerly of modern
world thang and other stuff i know not what).
it's a two-rappers-and-a-dj outfit and they
are refreshingly unassuming.  there's hardly
any of that macho posing stuff.  and a bonus:
they have madd skillz.  the tall guy, what's
his name, finley(?), does an incredible beat
box thing (a stunt he later repeated during
chek luv shakil's freestyle in the middle of
the hip club groove set).  the next halifax
rap sensation.

speaking of rap sensations, the biggest
crowd on the floor was for HIP CLUB GROOVE.
mackenzie was *totally* drunk!!  he was just
soused and doing all kinds of weird shit that
was freaking out chek luv, who kept saying
he was scared.  it was so bizarre.  at one
point he said, "remember kids, don't drink
and drive.  then again, if you look at him,
just don't fuckin' drink!"  during the last
song things kinda fell apart when mackenzie
pushed his partner and the needle got knocked
off the record.  that was the anticlimactic
end to the set.

speaking of anticlimactic, roughly 80% (not
kidding) of the crowd left when GRACE BABIES
came on at the end.  it was my first time
seeing the grace babies live and although
their tape is impressive (except for the
lame attempt at being soundgarden on "slave"),
their live show falls rather short.  apparently
no one has told their guitarist that his 
constantly screwed-up guitar face is a serious
violation of the jon dacey rules of rock.  :-)
and you should have seen the drummer pounding
the shit out of his skins.  made me wonder 
what those drums ever did to him.  it seemed
rather incongruous what with all of those
boppy songs.  apparently they have a c.d.
coming out.  it all seems rather rushed.