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Re: Sloan on Rita


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 	Toronto, Ontario
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Yes, it's me again--the girl who works on the Rita & Friends show, 
however this time I have news on our beloved Sloan boyz.  They were in 
studio on Wed. night and performed `Pen Pals'.  They came out in elf costumes
(I think???), Andrew was Santa. Well, anyways I was really disappointed 
because they only played one song--they were done within 15 minutes!!  I 
had to endure two and a half hours of Rita just to see 15 minutes of 
Sloan, Arghhhh!  I'll find out when the show will air, probably not until 

A friend of mine interviewed Chris Murphy last night (needless to say, he 
did not enjoy the Rita show very much), I'll transcribe it into the net as
soon as I get a copy--For those of you living in the T.O. area it will be 
out in next week's issue of Eye Opener (Ryerson paper).  

Oh,and Marc......

Ashley is currently in T.O. recording his new album.  He's a really 
cool guy. We were trying to kill time together on Wed., while we were waiting 
for Sloan to come on.  When I see him tonight, Ill ask him about the Jale 
project.  (Wow, can't wait to tell him that he was mentioned on the 

 On Tue, 24 Jan 1995, Waldorf 

> I was watching the news last night and they mentioned something
> about Jale playing backup for Asley McIasiac (how the hell do you
> spell it, I tried 5 different ways) on his new album. He is that
> fiddle player from N.S. (I think, No flames MDC, he, he) The guy
> mentioned that the record companies were discussing it or something.
> Has anyone heard about this, thoughts ?
>                                 Marc.