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Re: ?

I had to FWD this. I wanted y'all to know my opinion about Sloannet.
Skip the first part this wasn't meant to you.
I want to know (all of you) your opinions about the mail-l's you're on.
which one is the best( the worst).

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Wa-hey mike!

Heard about you kissing ladys! Then i know you're not a fag. :)

For Pavement send this in the body of the text (alone, blah..blah...blah):

            subscribe pavement mcatano\!/is.dal.ca

to this address:

once you're sub you can chat with paveheads through this address:

About the best mail-l.
the same here. This would be a REALLY good topic for the sloannet. but since
i'm talking to you right now...
Of all the one i've tryied sloannet is the best. because it feels like we
were all in same room talking to each other (or listening to what others are
talking about) about the things we like. I said in a room but i see it more
like if it was the porch (has to be a big one) of the Covey dude and we would
all be there doing BBQ and stuff.
Isn't it a beatiful picture! (got to fwd this)
the other mail-l look more like bar clubs. you come and go and nobody really
notice you except the one at gazing range.

BTW, i have been re-listening to bakesale. ouf... this is really the greatest
album of '94. Wouldn't you agree? Long live Barlow and his friends!

One of my friend bought  Loo Barlow with the help of friends, another
homerecording...the one with  a cover version of run to you of the well
known canadian artist. Anyway, there's a thank dedicated to MIKE CATANO.
Is that was meant to you? No way...it can't be...even if you'ld tell it was
i wouldn't beleived it.