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Ok, kids, I just got two really super neat zines this week and I
wanted to tell you all about them. Of course they have sloan in
them, that's why I'm posting it to y'all, duh....

First of all is the arrival of the brand spankin' new FFICTION,
issue number two. It's much bigger than issue number one, which
after all was only a FICTION, hee hee...

FFICTION is put out by Jil and Tara, yeah, the Indian Wisdom
Tara, sugarpop sweetie. It contains the most hilarious photo
expose on sloan I've ever seen. I nearly fell down in front of a
bus, which is weird cause that's what I did last time I saw the
first zine. It's just that funny. Andrew riding a horse with a
cowboy hat on is pretty well the goofiest thing I've ever set my
eyes on. Chris surrounded by food, including puppy chow, made me
laugh til I was nearly sick. The people on the train next to me
thought I was mad...Great recipes, especially the infamous $250
cookie one. Janet's cartoons are really slick :) this time around
and clearly illustrate the tension that is going on within the
sloan camp right this very moment....Lots of good stuff on
malaysia, tupperware, and cindy!!!! the band you know. Good
pictures. There's even a story on a moist/hhead gig, just for
people like mikey and jon :)

All I have left to say is I wish I was that cool when I was 16.
Hell, I wish I was that coool now. Tara and Jil put out a wicked
funny little love-sloan-to-death zine that you all should ask
for. It's free and they only need enough money from you to cover
postage. Please, help support the dream!!!!  Plus, Tara admits
that black licorice rocks. What could be neater!!!

Onto the next zine, which is called Front Wheel Drive. This one
is out of seattle. Oh yeah, FFICTION is out of ottawa. So
anyway, this zine was free, too, but I'm trading mark, so I'm not
sure if he wants postage or not. It's the size of an 8and a half
by 11 sheet folded in half, like a little book. It's really
hiquality, and the article on sloan is one of the coolest I've
seen done by an american (just joking, but it's really cool and
mark is really articulate about sloan and the magic they
produce). There's gunk on trusty, further, man or astro man and
bunches more.

And there is a big cool ad for forever again, the best album of
the year in there, too. Brief to the point record reviews, live
news, and stuff on bands that I have not heard yet. Stuff on
bands some of us like, too. I was actually surprised to see sloan
in there, altho that's why I ordered it. Usually when I get a
zine full of indie rock stuff, there's never anything related to
sloan because well we all know they're big major label corporate
whores and all :)  :)  Who knows why some people insist on indie
rock elitism, but that's off topic. I would say well worth the
money but it's free. I would send him money for it, tho. It's
lovely and pretty.

The interview is with Jay Dirtguson, ha ha, I mean ferguson,
that's a ffiction joke.

Go buy zines, kids!!!!!!!!!!

all my lovin'

tara, my only aim is to please you...