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Re: Jale & Asley McIasiac ........

>}ASHLEY MACISSAC...there now you know
>Try MacIsaac, and I'm not even sure if he's a Mc or a Mac.
>And though I'm not familiar with his music, my impression is that he's
>young and energetic and far from a traditional fiddle player.  He's worked
>with everything from rock bands to Symphony Nova Scotia.  Well respected
>by all sectors of the maritime music scene.

The name is spelled Ashley MacIsaac and no other way.

And yes, he's a phenom-- at first glance a big doughy hick from Sydney,
Cape Breton, but in fact a smart, energetic fiddle para-virtuoso unburdened
by musical snobbery. "Amazing Grace" (to fiddlers what "Stairway to Heaven"
is to guitarists), Philip Glass, and "Stayin' Alive" are all worthy of his
attention, and he does 'em all credit. I tell yez, he's going to be a
bigger star than Anne Murray. And he'll deserve it.

Best Ashley quote: On _Morningside_, Gzowski told the world that Ashley had
been hanging out a little with Prince Andrew. "Well," deadpanned Ashley,
"let's not start a rumour." (Actually I wouldn't be surprised if Ashley
fancies guys and possibly also goils and is more or less out about it. This
*is* the '90s, after all.)

Anyway, I can't wait for the album.

                                        Joe Clark