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Re: Sloan on the Wedge

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> asked:

}Ok, so MUCH has the wedge, right? and our local `new music radio'
}station mix 1060 (yeesh...) has a show called (I am not making
}this up) THE EDGE. which sometimes features a local indie band
}once a week, or so I hear. Anyway, so my program director and I
}were chatting about maybe featuring the top 10 singles at cjsw on
}my show at the beginning of each month. Now, my show already has
}a segment called `codrock' and she sez this new segment should
}have a name, too. Her suggestion?
}   the hedge
}What do y'all think of THAT????

Hedge is the name of a codrock band not from Halifax.  How about

Pledge? (suitable for CKDU in February)
Sledge? (a hard-hitting show)
Dredge? (the show that digs deep)
Grundge? (medieval english spelling-- see Chaucer)
Keji? (NS wilderness park/campground)
Splunge? (sort of yes and not quite no but definitely not indecisive)

This is getting much too silly