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Sloan in TO

Dear Sloan-Netters!

Just wAnted to let you know that Sloan will be in Toronto at the 
Warehouse (an all-ages gig - blah...well let's not get into this
again).  It will be Friday Feb. 24.  I would suppose that there will
be an of-age area... Opening band JALE!!  I would rather see Jale,
personally...  man their album really has caught me!  Amazing!!

I've held back some feelings towards this Sloan breakup thingy...
I of course hope that they wouldn't be so foolish!!  I think that
they have it mAde!!  When, you're lucky to get a big contract from
a big US record company, you shouldn't throw it all away.  I understand
that there are artistic conflicts..etc....  but man, how many chances
do you get to sign with Geffen...  I think Sloan could do very well
as an exclusively Canadian band....who cares about US promotion.  I
mean, US promotion, brings you to million dollar revenues...but,
Sloan could do quite well financially in Canada...  If Andrew
wants to leave...I'd say let him...many bandz have been able to
replace bandmembers...and I'd say Sloan could do it within a minute,
with all the talent on the east coast....  I don't think it 
would be a problem...

Getting back ot the financial part....many bands have made it big
without US audiences...just take April Wine and Loverboy for example.
Wine, went for several albums before any were released in the US, and
in the long run, they were quite sucessful...  I think Sloan could
follow uqite well in their footsteps.  Sloan do get quite a bit of 
respect from the media!!  

Well, time to go...


PS:  Just don't everyone in the TO area buy up a ticket to see this
gig!!!....I wanna get a chance to see Sloan this time...:)

PPS:  I bought the Grace Babies tape when I was back in Halifax for
the Xmas holidays....   It's really great!!  I really like the song
"Kool Aid".  Just wonderin, if it's about the infamous "Penny store"
from my old Rockinham dayz...  I would think so since Kevin, and 
Damion went to that skool...!  Brings back a lot of old memories...
Someone please review the show at Dal...

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