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Bits and pieces

Hello everybody!
	This a a mish mash of stuff I've been meaning to post but I never 
thought it would be worthwhile, so maybe all together it will be.

1st  Clear vinyl looks greenish in light.  Try it.

2nd  Does anyone have a copy of "julie and the Porthole to Dimentia" 
a.k.a. the Stereo Mt. Eric's Trip 7" from a while back that they want to 
SELL?  Get in touch.

3rd  I'm trying to get a zine together which will include a handy 
reference guide of venue info for the Maritimes. (Don't be completely 
alienated, far-away-folk, it could help yr local bands have an easier 
time touring out here.)  So if you have any info (names, numbers, 
whatever) get in touch.  When it's done, I'll tell all of you.
P.S. Jonathan, you were supposed to ask Mike about this.  I bet you haven't.

4th Blair, relax.  You shouldn't have to rush so much.  What's  a few more 
minutes when you're late for class? 

5th Tara (joey joey) you should have yr tape now, let me know if its 
warped or something.  And Tara (ffiction), I sent you $$$ today.
Oh yeah, and Everyone else, the tape is a bunch of E's Trip stuff, and I 
guess if there aren't that many of you, I'll tape the 1st Warm Girl for you.    
Get in touch (I guess try off the net to save space).
			Thank you for listening (um, reading),
				Peace, love, and happiness,